Developing the Vision

To develop this document, the Foundation for California Community Colleges engaged two experienced community college policy experts as project leaders and charged them with crafting a strategic vision that incorporated extensive input from a wide variety of sources. These sources included:

  • Relevant research reports, policy analyses, and conceptual frameworks on community college reform and success, both from California and national sources;
  • Approximately 50 interviews with stakeholders and experts inside and outside the CCC system, including:
    • College CEOs;
    • College faculty leaders, including members of the statewide Academic Senate for the CCCs;
    • Students;
    • Representatives of business and industry;
    • Representatives of the state workforce development system;
    • Representatives of social justice and advocacy groups;
    • State Legislators and policy and finance staff at the state level;
    • Higher education researchers; and
    • The CCC Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and the CCC Board of Governors President;
  • Previous surveys conducted by the Chancellor’s Office.
  • A Virtual Town Hall, which offered all interested parties an opportunity to provide input online during the months of April and May 2017. To promote the Virtual Town Hall, the Foundation for California Community Colleges launched a social media campaign resulting in over 800,000 impressions on Facebook and other networks, over 58,000 views of the video soliciting Town Hall feedback, 12,000 unique clicks linking to the video and Town Hall submission page, and approximately 550 individuals submitting electronic comments to the Virtual Town Hall. Each of these submissions was read and coded by the research team. The key themes from these comments were included throughout this document, along with quotes from respondents’ written submissions.

Prior to publication, the document was reviewed by seven project advisors who provided valuable feedback and advice, as well as the Chancellor and Chancellor’s Office executive team and staff at the Foundation for California Community Colleges.