Strengthening the California Community Colleges to meet California's needs.



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Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley


Looking Ahead.

The success of California's broader system of higher education and workforce development stands or falls with the California Community Colleges. To meet California's needs, six goals have been defined for the system to strive to achieve.

The needs are great, the resources are adequate, and the momentum is building. It is time for leadership to assert itself. It will take a new generation of passionate, talented, dedicated and empowered community college leaders to transform the old model to meet both the needs of today and tomorrow.
— Dr. William Scroggins, President and CEO, Mt. San Antonio College via the Virtual Town Hall

A Vision for Change.

Seven core commitments have been developed to help the community college system achieve the set of ambitious goals and realize its full potential to meet the future workforce needs of California.


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An opportunity for transformational change.

This document lays out ambitious goals and a set of comprehensive commitments to achieve those goals. Together these commitments are a call to action that extends to every individual in the college system. All personnel in the college system can embrace the seven commitments and make changes big and small that help move the system closer to its goals. The California Community Colleges have always strived to help their students reach their full potential.

Now is the time for the colleges themselves to reach their full potential as California’s engine of social and economic mobility. It will take courage and persistence, but California’s students deserve no less.